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Author’s name:  Marta
Story chosen: Echo of the Past
The author I chose goes by an interesting penname, Kyoux. She was born in Ostrode, Poland,  May 17, 1989. She still lives in Poland to this day, which made it interesting when talking to her, especially due to time zone differences. As a foreign writer to the US, her writing is very intriguing due to the diversity and cultural differences. Kyoux has a unique style when writing and seeing her take on things as well as the perspective she gives is very entertaining. She has been writing for many years but never really started to write an actual story of her own until around age 16, or so she says in my interview with her. You could say the story I chose to write about is the second real story she’s written for public eyes. Kyoux has done a very good job of conveying character emotions to the readers, has interesting compelling and deep backgrounds for each character, as well as a complex yet heartfelt plot that she slowly reveals through all the drama and angst. Kyoux gives her characters life in her writing more than anything else and should be an inspiration to any writer regardless of upbringing, culture, or background. Aside from her magnificent writing abilities she is also an outstanding artist who should be applauded for her skill and obvious dedication to her characters and story despite her busy schedule. She also has a very dedicated group of friends serving as staff and supporters who help her edit her work and translate it to enable it to reach a wider audience and should also be rewarded for their hard work.

Kyoux states that this story was originally not intended to be a book but simply something spontaneous, just for fun, and that both main characters were originally created for role playing and had separate histories. Yet somehow fate would have her write a crossover where their lives would touch and extended the story from there, intertwining their pasts and adding a few other characters before the story actually took shape.

The characters, revealing themselves to be best friends in the past and having a few awkward moments, after about eight years of separation, became very different people with secret lives, complex pasts and strained relations.

Marcin, often referred to as “the blonde”, is a snake obsessed sex addict with an unusual past has a love for music and is unexpectedly sensitive. With mix feelings that seem to make themselves more apparent he somehow manages to stay focused on his goals. He is a polish garage band punk screamer with an interesting style and much potential. Marcin enters into the world of fame when he meets a well -known producer and singer known as Winter who seems to have a soft spot for the blonde who looks to be running from his past, problems, feelings, and right into his hands.

Nivan, the unexpectedly bunny loving, large hearted, “redhead” who can only put up with so much, is a world class ex-hacker with a very angst filled past who gets mixed up with a drug cartel while trying to look into things.

The readers learn more and more about who the characters are, what they are up to, and what their past was like as the story goes on, chapter-by-chapter.
Each chapter begins by stating a point of view, as the story switches perspectives between the two main characters.

Both characters have naturally black hair but enjoy change. The chapters will typically reflect their hair colors which also change.

Throughout this story you will see the characters flaws and how they grow and change, including the way they treat each other as well as their fluxing relationship.

Though the characters may travel on their paths of life, the story is said to take place in a no-name, immigrant city in Poland, which is perfect for people of all types of backgrounds trying to live simple and happy lives, with things to hide, and who enjoy change or diversity such as these characters and their friends.

Readers may also gain feelings for the supporting characters such as Alex, who has a connection to both characters, or Firka, the sweet heart who helps the two along their journey, which only help to deepen and empower the story.

This story is all about being true to yourself, having fun, being accepted, friendship, and enduring the struggles that life has to throw at you no matter how daunting or traumatic they are; it is an excellent story that I would recommend to almost anyone, or at least those who are openminded.
ok this is like the 5th time I have tried to upload this! I put a lot of what Kyoux said to me into this and had to write it a certain way for my assignment. I hope she likes it, I uploaded this just for her. Please correct me if I made a mistake, this is just the draft. I chose Kyoux over my usual choice of kitty-hel who is my close friend because I am a big fan of her work and I have never really had the oportunity to have a conversation with her until now. Please check out both their pages because they are both amazing at what they do but in completely different ways.
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Kyoux Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
OMG, thank you so much. This's great.

Thank you for choosing me...

:heart: :heart: :heart:
anime116 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Student General Artist
oh no problem. Thankyou for helping me out. not all the information is there because some of it had to be orally but most of it is. I was worried you would not be pleased with it
Kyoux Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
Thank you my dear <3 I'm very happy :D
anime116 Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student General Artist
oh you're welcome ^-^ i'm just relly glad you're pleased
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